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July 2014


  • Server IP changed:
  • Map Limit - You are only able to build within a selected area of the map | More info



June 2014



  • A new rule has been added to our rule list: "No barricade/pillar climbing".
  • Durability has once again been removed.
  • New server: net.connect info can be found HERE.
  • Server has been upgraded to 100 slots.


  • The page wich you are currently looking at, is our new news page. Here you can find recently updates, changes and other news about our server and forums. You can enter the forum by clicking on the "Forum" tab.
  • New users must now activate their account by clicking on the activation link in the activation e-mail.
  • Help Center has been added. You can acces it by clicing on the "Help Center" tab, or by clicking HERE


May 2014


  • As a result of people abusing and breaking our rule about using /sethome in other people's homes we will lower the limit from 3 homes to 2. 
  • Limited sleepers (1 hour) are now enabled. There will be a sleeper of you till 1 hour after your logout. We've changed this in order to prevent PVP loggers, or players who will take their stuff in their inventory, and log out, while being raided.
  • Low durability has been added. 25% durability has been added on weapons, 10% durability has been addded on armour.
  • Two new rules has been added to our rule list:
  1. Building houses on resources/loot boxes is not allowed.
  2. Only English is allowedi n the main chat.
  •  Server has been upgraded to 65 slots.


  • Our domain has been updated. You can now acces our website using
  • Style has been updated. Thanks to Kinaesthic for his great job!